Fun Facts 2/20/12

Lake Winnipesaukee is slowly warming up.  On the 18th it was 37°.  While there is still a good bit of ice out in the bay, I have heard that the boat ramp might be getting more like mush and less like a nice means of getting on and off of the lake. They did have the Winter Carnival this past weekend, although most of the activities were held in the parking lot as the ice isn’t in great shape to have that many people all out there on it.

I have had to block off the roads up back. With the warm weather and abundant sunshine we have had up here the roads were getting very soft and muddy.  The roads are blocked off at the usual places, so you can go up Heron Point and get to the Rec-Hall to park and walk in from there.  The water hydrant is on at the pool (right next to the bulkhead.) You can carry a few buckets in, fill them up, and use them to cook with or flush your toilet if you want to “rough it” for a weekend without a shower. Just remember to put non-toxic anti-freeze down the drains and in the toilet before you leave as it is still getting below freezing at night and we don’t want anyone to have plumbing issues in the Spring!

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