Winter? Spring? Sprinter??

I must say, I have lived here my entire life (31 years this March 2) and I can’t recall ever seeing a Winter like this one.  Warm. Rain. Frigid one night, mid 40’s the next day.  18 inches just before Halloween, nothing in the month of February to speak of.  I bought some studded tires for my mountain bike, certainly I wasn’t going to be using the snowmobile.  That turned out to be a decent investment, although I am already about to take them off in favor of regular tires perfectly happy to dig right into soft dirt rather than bare ice and crunchy snow.  Those snowshoes I really wanted? Feeling pretty good about putting off that purchase right about now.

Lyndi enjoyed the most snow we had all year. Taken 10/30/2011

My point is this;  Even though we have all missed out on some fun winter sports and what I consider to be a really pretty season, we do live in NH and things change fast.  Everyone jokes that “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”  This could not have been more true this winter.  Lucky us, we live in NH.  That means Spring is right around the corner.  Boating. Hiking. Ice Cream down at the bay at Shibley’s Drive-In.  The Summer Concert Series has a new band every weekend right in the bay, all summer long.  Campfires, fishing, and swimming.  Huh, I am feeling better all ready…Better go change those tires over on the bike.  It’s been a minute, the weather must have changed by now.

About time to shelve these tires for a few seasons

4 thoughts on “Winter? Spring? Sprinter??

    • I have lived here in NH my entire life, 31 years in just a few weeks. Strangest I have ever seen and can remember. Where do you live? didn’t catch it on your blog

      • I live out in Utah. Last winter we had loads of snow, but this year it has been a very mild winter.

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