A view from Alton Bay

So this morning I woke up to abundant sunshine and temps slightly below freezing.  I thought to myself, I wonder how the bay is looking today.  Well, it’s about a 5 minute drive, why not go find out?  So once Aunt Kelly was here to watch Lyndi I grabbed the camera, tripod, and truck keys.  Oh, and Maverick. Like the Nissan commercial from the early 90’s said, “dogs love trucks!”

Well, there is still lots of ice down there, but less bob-houses for sure.  The sound down there is quite interesting.  Almost like thunder in the distance.  With the sun warming  the ice up you can really hear a pretty steady stream of thuds, cracks, and booms echoing through the area.

Bizer’s website shows that the height of the lake is above normal by 5.64″ and the water flow at Lakeport Dam in Laconia (where the lake empties) is 265 CFS.  The flow is actually lower than usual, but I would expect it to go up pretty quick with the forecast being quite warm and with some rain headed our way.  So while all looks peaceful down in Alton Bay today, change seems to be headed our way quickly.

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