Wednesday brings..Snow?

Well, just as things were looking a lot like Spring out there the weather went and changed.  Only for a very short time though, it’s already headed back in the other direction.  I awoke this morning and was somewhat surprised by the white ground.

The weather guys said it might happen, but I have a certain..distrust of them with how this winter has gone.  I am more on the side of seeing it before I believe it this year.

By 9:30 it was already starting to melt pretty heavily, and the roads were bare when Lyndi and I headed to Wolfeboro for daycare at 7:45.  I did have my camera and tripod with me, and was glad I did.

The lake seems to have even fewer bob-houses on it, and I am sure that for a good reason.  The thermometer says it’s about 45° right now. The lake temperature is still reported to be 37° as of yesterday. While the lake did look pretty, it still really feels a lot like spring out there, no matter what the calendar says.

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