As February comes to a close…Fun Facts 2/27/12

Even though there are a few days left in the month, I think it is pretty safe to say this was a rather uneventful month as far as snow goes.  Looking at the monthly report on, I total up .28″ of precipitation.  That is not a lot of snow for February in NH. I think we had a little more in our neck of the woods, but I would guess it was probably about 2″ total of snow for us.

The forecast for the end of the week looks a lot more like winter around here, but by then it will be the beginning of March.  I guess the winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling might get that last minute boost for the NH school vacation week, but not by much.  To do any snowmobiling still requires you to head hours north of Alton all the way to Pittsburg.  That is a 4 hour drive north, and the last town before Canada.

All in all, things still look a little like winter around here.  Spring is certainly trying, but it looks like winter might have a little fight left in it.  Just a little though.

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