Leap day snowstorm, changing seasons

As I sit here writing this, I am watching very light and sparse snowflakes fall from the sky.  Nice, pretty, almost enough to lull you into a false sense of peace before the real storm arrives later today and into the night.

In true New England fashion, and as I have said before, the weather is crazy.  Allow me to explain.  This past Sunday a friend of mine and myself went mountain biking in Auburn NH. The trails were pretty much dry, not even muddy.  A strange sight for NH in February, even if we were that far south.  It almost had a feel of November; there were leaves on the ground, but they weren’t frozen to the dirt. The ground itself was pretty much frozen, but places in the sun were completely thawed out and soft.  There was no mud out in the woods, and only a slight bit on the main road headed into the trails.

With that being said, it sure looks like the trails will be in a far different state come this weekend.  It is being predicted that we will see anywhere from 8″-12″ in the next 36 hours, making biking these trails pretty much impossible, but snowshoeing them should be nice.  By the weekend it will be right back into spring weather with temps near 50° and rain on Saturday.While this can be quite frustrating, it is also one of the things I truly love about living here in the Lakes Region of NH.  It is constantly changing, not only in appearance but by providing something new to experience.  Last weekend I was on my mountain bike, this weekend I will probably be taking Lyndi out on the snowmobile.  In a month or so you could probably be out in a canoe watching the river change into a place with birds and ducks returning and plants starting to grow again.  Colors will be changing from the dark greens of only the pine trees having needles to the reds of the budding trees and into the bright greens of fresh leaves and new growth.  Even the people change with the seasons.  We will soon be visited by friends and neighbors that haven’t been in the area for a few months, seasonal restaurants will open back up, and the lake will be filled with boats every weekend.  All in all, this is not a bad place to live at all, and certainly a great place to visit.  There is so much to do and see that I really can’t wait for the changing seasons. For now, I will just enjoy what today is bringing, and watch the snowflakes start to fall.  Before long it will all look different, all over again.

One thought on “Leap day snowstorm, changing seasons

  1. Even before the “ink” was dry on this post, the weather has changed again…
    they now say 5″ to 8″ in the next 36 hours. things sure change fast around here!!

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