More storm updates, snow totals, etc

More snow greeted us this morning, to the tune of about 1″-2″. It was hard to get an accurate measurement as it was a wet heavy snow that was quickly settling with the rain coming down.  I did get an accurate measurement from the previous storm that we had on March 1.  Once it had stopped snowing the total was 5″. Less than I had originally thought, but it may have settled some.

What little snow we had today was followed by a good amount of rain. Most of what fell is last night is now gone, and whatever is left now is slop on the ground.  Once we get through the next few days we should be in for a nice warm up, very spring like.

Hopefully everyone has a nice weekend, I know Lyndi is ready to do some more snowmobiling!


2 thoughts on “More storm updates, snow totals, etc

  1. i cant wait till opening day. it has been a long winter even though it has been a mild one. when do you plan to open everything up there? weather permitting .

    • Just checked, it is April 27th that we are shooting for. I know it was looking good, hopefully the weather turns around like they say it will and all the mud dries up!

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