The last hurrah of Winter?

The feeling outside this morning is one of Winter.  I awoke to 10° outside and a great blue sky.  With the snow still on the ground it really is a pretty sight to behold. Although it sure feels like winter today, it will be very short lived. The forecast is for 50° tomorrow, and it will not be below freezing (even at night) until overnight on Friday.  With that many days in a row above freezing, we should be in for some serious melting.  I expect the roads to turn muddy fast, and will remain closed for a while yet. I also expect the bay to really open up, and it will certainly be looking a lot different than it does today.

I am still very excited about the changing season, even though this Winter wasn’t all that much different than some of our Fall and Spring weather we sometimes get.  As a matter of fact, I remember plowing 18″ just before Halloween this past Fall!  I know Lyndi had a lot of fun with the recent snow, but she is already asking to go on a bike ride.  I guess that snow had better hurry up and melt!

3 thoughts on “The last hurrah of Winter?

  1. Gorgeous pics! It felt a tid-bit like winter here at 27 degrees this morning,but the kids and I just got in from a ride at the local park in t-shirts and 63 degrees 😀

    The DC

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