The Big Thaw

I am sure most people are interested in how warm it was here today.  Well, according to my thermometer the high for today was 60.1°  In the truck I saw it get as high as 61°, not too much different.

The weather really was pretty amazing, especially considering the date; it is only March 8!  The snow levels dropped pretty drastically over the last day or so, and because of this the mud is starting to get deep.

Down at the river I actually saw my first Canadian Goose of the season.  Seems early by the calendar, but certainly not the weather outside.  There is also a lot of little bugs in the river. They look a lot like dragonfly larvae, but it is a bit hard to tell this early as they are very small now.  It is pretty encouraging to see so many signs of spring happening all around the park.  It is enough to make you start to think it is more than just a fluke.

Our boat ramp was covered in snow yesterday and is clear today.  I was pretty tempted to take the canoe out today, as the river looks pretty easily passable as far as the ice is concerned.  I will be trying to get out there this weekend, probably Sunday as it looks to be the much warmer day of the two.

The warm weather sure is giving everybody Spring fever, and I for one can’t wait to do some boating, biking, and hiking this Spring and Summer. Bring on the warm temps!


3 thoughts on “The Big Thaw

  1. Gorgeous pics,my friend! We hit around 60 degrees here as well for the last couple days,but today ended with an overcast and rain (raining now too).

    The DC

  2. Very nice pictures love the fact that the river is flowing now the question is what picture to use on my desk top background, please keep up the posting and pictures

    thank you

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