Melting, mud, and Lyndi’s new bike

Mother nature was pretty kind to us this weekend here in New Hampshire.  It was a bit cool on Saturday, but Sunday has been in the low 50’s almost all day.  Lyndi and I went down to the local bike shop here in town, Likin’ Bikin’, and tried out a balance bike for her.  She loved it, and it came home with us!

So now we have one more person waiting for the nice weather and for things to dry up.  It won’t be a long wait, judging by the long term forecast of the week.

The river has almost no ice at all left in it and ducks are showing up quite often.  We actually have some Pussy Willows down at the river that Lyndi found this evening on our walk, yet another sure sign of the changing season.  There is also no bob-houses on the lake now, at least not in the bay or anywhere else I can see from the road.  The ice has started to look pretty thin with a lot of black spots and puddles on top. Seems like people are also starting to mostly stay off the ice, and I would say that’s a pretty good idea.

The park is beginning to shake off winter and look a little more like normal.  I am starting to think about getting the snowmobile summerized and get the blowers out to do the final spring cleanup. I am pretty sure that has never happened quite this early in the year before.  This seems like a good record to set, might as well give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Melting, mud, and Lyndi’s new bike

    • thanks, she is loving it so far. dried off the tires and brought it inside so she could play with it a few minutes at a time, hopefully extending her frustration limit 🙂

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