Fun Facts 3/12, Fire Danger

Just a few quick notes for the morning.  I got the first Fire Danger email for the season.  If you don’t know, during the fire season I receive an email every morning from the NH Division of Forests and Lands letting us know what the current fire danger level is for the day. This is the same information they use for the Smokey the Bear signs.


Today is a Class 2 day.  However, we don’t yet have a fire permit. Without the water turned on and hoses at ready we will have to wait a little while anyway.

The lake temperature is holding steady at 37°, and I have not seen an update on the lake level.  I know the river is pretty low at the moment, probably because they lowered the level in the fall in anticipation of a snow melt runoff that is not happening this Spring.  Looking at the NOAA snow depth map, things have really melted down to nothing in the lower half of the state.

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