2nd annual Snow Out in the Park contest

We had a good time doing the Snow Out contest last year, so we are doing it again this year!  The contest is open to everyone in the park. I took a bunch of pictures yesterday of the current snow banks that we have in the park.  Here are a few of the bigger piles in the park, but I also have a link to all the piles if you want to try to get the best idea of whats still here.

This pile is near the office shed.

This is down on Heron Point Road.

Here is the link to all the snow we have in the park. http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a93/eric00si/Merrymeeting%20Photo%20Cave/2012%20Snow%20Out%20contest/

As the snow melts and we end up with less and less piles, I will start taking pictures of what is left so you can see how it is progressing.  The winner will be whoever has the guess closest without going over. If everyone’s guess date comes and goes and snow is   still in the park, we will start over and everyone will get to try again.  The prize will be a gift certificate to Amilyne’s Corner Market for $20. You can submit your guess as a reply to this, you can email it to me, or email it to the business address, merrymeeting1@earthlink.net

I will be posting up other people’s guesses so that everyone can see what dates have been already been guessed.  So let’s get those dates picked and hope for some more warm weather!

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