Last day of “Winter”

This past weekend looks to have set a few records.  Looking at the website, the previous record was 70°, and we hit 78° yesterday (Sunday) according to them. I would call that a shattered record, and it felt GREAT!

Today, which is the last day of Winter, (according to a calendar, clearly not according to the weather) is predicted to be 62°.  The rest of the week is even nicer, with temps looking a lot more like June weather, not March.

I took advantage of the incredible weather yesterday and went to Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown to do some mountain biking. There were a few muddy spots, but not the kind of mud you would expect for the Spring thaw, more like after a day of rain in the mid Summer months.

The trails were in overall great shape, and it was so nice that it seemed like a good day to take a hike with Lyndi at the Morse Preserve in Alton.

The weather was still in the 70’s, even as we headed up the trail at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  There were a few wet spots and a real small amount of snow, but it was easily hiked in sneakers as you could get around the puddles and wet areas.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend with some really nice weather and good outdoor activities. With the forecast being what it is, I foresee quite a few more nice outdoor adventures in the future. Get out and enjoy the last day of “Winter!”

One thought on “Last day of “Winter”

  1. We did (get out and enjoy it) here as well,my friend! AWESOME weather we’ve been having 😀 Had a family fun eve at the park and (counting today,Monday…I have yet to sleep so it’s still Monday to me,haha!) have ridden for the last 4 days straight (even some singletrack bliss today :D) 🙂

    The DC

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