Drilling of the new well has begun!

We have had a long winter of paperwork, permits, and lots of figuring out what exactly we need. Finally, that has all come to fruition and we are now drilling the new well!

This is a pretty exciting project for us, as we will be closing the well that is up next to the pool and plumbing the new well and other existing well into the pump house.  This will give us nearly 5000 gallons of storage and allow us to use VFD booster pumps. This will keep the water pressure higher and a lot more consistent, to the tune of about a 5 psi range rather than a 20psi range. It should make for a lot nicer water flow for everyone, even on those really busy weekends like 4th of July.

As you can see, Lyndi fully approves the project and is excited for bath-time with better water pressure!  It should really be an excellent upgrade that will benefit everyone, and we are excited to see it becoming reality.

More updates to come as things progress!


One thought on “Drilling of the new well has begun!

  1. A quick update: the well guys hit bedrock at 60′ on Friday and have begun drilling the bedrock this morning. The well casing is grouted into the bedrock and now we just look for water. hopefully they find it today!

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