Here comes the Rain

Well, after a very dry Spring (and a dry Winter for that matter) there is finally some rain in the forecast.

Looks like we will see 2″-4″ in the next 2 days, taking us from dry to VERY soggy!  The trees and grass are turning nice and green, even without any rain.  All the leaves have popped and the vegetation out in the river is popping up nicely.

We did get a little rain last night, about a 1/4 inch.  We will have to see what tonight and tomorrow brings. I will post up rain totals once it stops raining to let everyone know how much we get.

We also have the water set up to be turned on pretty soon, hopefully the beginning of the week.  We have the park pretty cleaned up of all the leaves and only have a small part of the permanent section left to be cleaned.  Things are off to a great start and we are looking forward to getting open and having a really nice season ahead of us.  See you all soon!


Fun Facts 4/17

We have still had no rain, keeping the fire danger high and the river level low.  On 4/12 the lake water was reported to be 45°, and the level is now below average by .24″.  The forecast is for more above average temperatures and maybe a chance of rain for this coming weekend. The lack of rain also seems to be making things turn green a little more slowly than usual. The leaves have popped up here, but the grass seems to be suffering a bit.  It is changing, just not as bright green and full as usual.  The tiny leaves on the trees do add a nice green hue though. We do have some flowers popping out, and the forsythia in the front yard is looking pretty nice.

We should really see the flowers and grass turn green if it rains this weekend.  We only have a few small flowers just starting, so fingers crossed we get some rain!

Fun Facts 4/10

The weather has been very dry and decently windy the last week or so. The lake water was reported to be 44° on April 8th. The level was reported to be 3.72″ above normal. The river, however, is very low. All the blocks of the boat ramp are out of water, as you can see from the picture.

We are still making great progress with the leaves. We have some serious piles already this week, and Lyndi approves.

The fire danger is still pretty high with all the dry leaves on the ground and the wind we have been getting.  The weather does look like it will be staying decently warm during the day, even though it is still cool at night.  Great for the Maple Sap people!