Fun Facts 5/1

We had a nice opening weekend, although it was a little chilly at night and windy during the days.  Even so, the lake water is reported as 50°.  The lake rose 3.5″ last week with the rain, and is now below normal by 1.2″.  Still low, but a lot better than it has been. The river has also come right up from where it was, and I am starting to see fish jumping quite often.

It is raining again today, so maybe the lake will reach its normal height in the next few days.  The cold nights seem to be getting less and less, and the daytime temps seem to be getting pretty nice.

We are still unable to have campfires as the Fire Department is still not issuing any permits yet. Even though the fire danger has gotten lower, there is still a lot of dry leaves around the state and we have had a lot of high winds.  We will post on the whiteboard at the office as soon as we have a permit and can have campfires.  I will also put it here and on our Facebook page.

See you soon and welcome to the 2012 Summer season!


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