April Showers, snow-out update

Well, it is April 2nd and the last snow pile is STILL holding its own.

It is covered it dirt, but still feels pretty hard, more like a chunk of ice.  I thought it was going to be gone over the weekend and that Marie was going to have a 2 year winning streak!  Apparently this pile wants to keep me guessing and keep things interesting for all of us.

We did have some April showers on Sunday, and the May flowers seem to be getting a head start.  I noticed the Crocus’ popping up in our garden yesterday.


I was also able to get out to Bear Brook State Park on Sunday and do some mountain biking.  The trails are in pretty good shape with very little mud and lots of very firm ground. It was only about 25° when I left the house at 7:30 in the morning, but it did end up in the low 50’s by about noon. It made for a chilly start to the ride and a really nice end. I did start out the ride with a decent climb, so that warmed us up really well!

I am still adjusting to my new (to me) single-speed bike. It is what’s known as a 29er, meaning it has 29″ wheels as opposed to 26″, so it tends to roll over obstacles better. Just like putting big tires on a Jeep and going over rocks in the woods! It is also different from my last bike as it has no gears to choose from, just one. This can be a lot tougher climbing, but it is also lighter and a bit less complicated.  Fewer parts means less chance of things going wrong. It is a lot different from my last bike, but so far I am LOVING it!

Overall, it was a pretty nice weekend.  Things are looking more and more like Spring out there as the flowers pop, we blow leaves, and things green up.  Happy April!

2 thoughts on “April Showers, snow-out update

  1. question: if April showers bring mayflowers what do mayflowers bring?……………………………………Pilgrims!! lol

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