Guess the Birthday!

We have Ice-out for the lake, we do Snow-Out for the park, so let’s try Baby-Out for the new baby we are expecting!

As you know, Korin and I are expecting another baby.  The due date is mid-May, so let’s call it May 15th.  Just for fun I thought we would have people try to guess when the new baby will actually get here.  The closest guess can have a Merrymeeting T-shirt.  Sizes and colors  are getting a little limited, but I am sure we can make something work.

We are planning a home-birth, so this should be the first true “native” of Merrymeeting.  Korin is tired, but we are still in the usual routine and she is still teaching. All of the appointments show everything going very well, and she has passed the 37 week mark so the baby is officially at full term. Lyndi is excited to be a big sister, and we have the front room all set for the new arrival. Her and Mav are looking forward to the new addition to the family!

One thought on “Guess the Birthday!

  1. Man time flies,doesn’t it? Well…since my Son was born on May 13th,13 must be lucky for me,so I’m guessing May 13th (Happy Mother’s Day indeed! :D). Medium if I win if you please,LOL 😀

    The DC

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