Baby time!

Well, I finally have a bit o time and some brainpower to do an update for everyone. Last Saturday we welcomed our baby boy Jonah Charles White into the world at 3:51 in the afternoon!  He and mom and healthy, happy, and perfect.  He was 7lbs 8oz and 20″ long.

I thought most people were aware, but for those that didn’t realize, we had him right here at home. With a rented inflatable birth tub and a team of 2 midwives and an assistant, everything went smooth.  I would like to send a HUGE thanks to our neighbors George and Joyce for letting us use their larger hot water heater to fill the tub. That was an enormous help as we could not have filled the tub in time without it.

Having him at home was a wonderful experience. We did not have to drive anywhere, there was no wishing for things we had at home and not at the hospital, and we were simply more comfortable.  As you can see in the picture with Lyndi, she adores her new brother and always wants to hug and kiss him.  We are all very happy, even if we are a bit tired!

5 thoughts on “Baby time!

  1. I’m honored to have gotten to be the first to “Like” this one,my friend. HUGE congradulations to you all,your family has been blessed greatly my friend! 😀 😀 😀

    The DC

  2. so happy for you all and Jonah is beautiful and the pic of lyndi and jonah is so precious Cant wait to see you all Cheryl/Bill

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