Memorial Day Breakfast

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming out Sunday morning and having breakfast with us.  We served scrambled eggs, home-fries, bacon, sausage, and toast to about 50 people! We also had fruit salad, pastries and mini muffins as well. It was really great to see everyone back up for the season and having a good time.

Lyndi said the eggs were yummy!

Jonah had nothing to say at all..

The weather for the weekend ended up being really nice, even though they predicted rain.  All we ever saw was nice warm weather with lots of sun.  The lake is actually already up to 68° and rising! Not bad for the end of May.  The rest of the week looks decent, but the weekend is looking a bit wet.

The next event I have on the countdown here on the blog is the Fireworks down at Alton Bay.  They have the Summer Concert Series scheduled for just before it, and the fireworks start at dark, around 9:20.

Last year the fireworks turned out really nice, and Lyndi had fun dancing at the concert before hand!  Hopefully it all works out great again and the weather is nice.  Lyndi is excited and waiting!


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