Why I Love the Lakes Region

So I know it seems weird, but for a long time I never really saw this area as an “attraction.” I have always lived here so I guess I had gotten used to it. Couldn’t see the forest through the trees, as it were.  When I headed to Laconia I would simply drive through the bay, sighing as I had to go slowly and wait for pedestrians and out-of-town plates.  What were these people doing here, and why did they drive so slow?  Then it happened. I looked around.  WOW, this place is kind of nice!

We just finished up Bike Week 2012.  There are only a few places in the country that have a motorcycle week that attracts this many people.  With famous roads like the Kancamagus , can you blame people for wanting to ride here?

The town puts on what they call the Summer Concert Series. This is free entertainment down at the bay on Saturday nights.  After living here my entire life I went for the first time last year for the 4th of July fireworks.  Lyndi had a blast dancing and it was great fun for everyone without costing a thing.

There are a few parks right here in town that I had not really even noticed, never-mind explored.  Railroad Square Park is right at the bay where the bandstand and boat launch is, along with the town swim dock. Liberty Tree Park is down on the Letter S road with two tennis courts, sand volleyball court, two basketball courts, skateboard park, slide and swings, picnic tables, benches, drinking water, and a canoe launch. We have Jones Field with a playground, baseball and softball field, fishing, picnic tables, and a canoe launch.  Harmony Park is right next to the town beach and is good for fishing as well as having a  picnic area.  Levey Park has a picnic area, nature trail, and drinking water. The trail there is short but has a nice view looking up the bay.

With Lake Winnipesaukee and the Merrymeeting river there is plenty of boating and fishing to be had. There are plenty of other small ponds and lakes around here to fish and boat in as well (making it the lakes region!)

We have a bunch of nice small family run businesses here in town. Shibley’s at the Pier and the Shibley’s Drive In are a few of the places to eat right here in town.  Sandy point is also family run.  We have at least two family owned and run hardware stores, and Likin’ Bikin’ is a local, family owned and operated bike shop.  Downing’s  and Gillan’s Marine are also family affairs.  Heck, even we are in our 33rd year here, and Jonah and Lyndi make the 4th generation of us to be here!  We really have a heck of a nice small town, community feel here.

So after living here for my entire life (31 years) I am finally starting to really appreciate this town and the area as a whole.  I could go on forever with all the amazing attributes this town has, as these are only a few of the reasons I love it here.  Overall I am really starting to appreciate all the area has to offer. I have been taking Lyndi to some of the parks, enjoying how scenic the area is, and doing some mountain biking in the nearby State Parks.  I now find myself driving slowly though the bay, and even waiting at a cross walk as a pedestrian on occasion.  Whats with all the locals trying to zip by so fast?  They should really take a look around, its beautiful here.


Lake level, temp

Just a quick update on the lake.  It is now at 67° and above normal by 2.04″.  I would expect that it will be on the rise as far as the temperature goes with the weather forecast.

I expect the pool will start to climb again as well. We have been holding at 66, and I think it might be gaining a bit during the day and then losing it with the cooler nights.

Hope everyone had a nice Fathers day weekend!

Pool opens, tree guys clean up, and bike week begins!

Last week felt like we had some good things happen. The pool opened up, albeit with a chilly temp of 60°.  The pool is crystal clear and inviting, even with the cool temp. It has started a nice warm up trend though, and is up to 64°.

We also had the tree company in to get rid of the down trees in the front yard, a lot of hangars, and do some limbing up of the dead wood in a few spots.  It is amazing how much of a difference a few days of them cleaning up can make!


It was a fantastic weekend for motorcycling, and Bike Week started on Saturday.  The bikes have been pretty constantly flowing through town, and its nice to see the weather hold out a bit for them. Historically, it seems to always be a rainy week for the bikers.  This week is looking at least a bit promising.

A few days of showers possible, but overall a nice week. Hopefully the weekend is just as nice!  Have a great week and see you for Fathers Day!