Productive week, some updates, and a HOT weekend!

It feels like a productive week. I was able to get a good batch of picnic tables painted, along with the bulkhead near the pool.  Nearly 3 gallons of Ben Moore Arborgaurd!

While I was doing that, Dad was able to get the pond down front cleaned out and running. Unfortunately, it seems to have a good leak somewhere, so he spent some time this week getting that tracked down and (hopefully) stopped.

The well guys (Gilford Well) were in and got some of the controls hung for the new VFD pumps that should be installed the middle of next week.  They also had to pour a concrete pad inside the well-house for the pumps to sit on, and need it to fully cure to install the pumps.

This is a HUGE deal to be getting so close to having the new system online.  It solves the lead and copper issue we had with the well near the pool (which we did shut off) and will help a LOT in the water pressure department.  This means I can successfully run sprinklers and get some grass a lot more green around here 🙂  We currently just don’t have enough pressure as there is about a 20psi difference for the well to kick on and begin building pressure back up.  So on a busy weekend it could be down to 40 psi or so at best when you take a shower in the morning.  The new setup (should) keep it right up near 60-70, depending on where we set it.  It has been literally a YEAR in the making, with dad having to do a lot of stuff with the state to get permits, research what would work for us, how to have it set up, get bids, more applications in to the state etc.  It has been a monumental task that has not really shown how much work has gone into it.  While it has kept us from getting other things done, we have still managed to keep things running, get the spring and fall cleanups done etc. I am feeling pretty good about how things are going, and really can’t wait to see the pump-house done!

I hope everyone has some luck trying to stay cool this weekend, it is supposed to be HOT out there!

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