Turkey Dinner 2012

We had yet another great time hosting the Turkey Dinner this past weekend.  The food was good, the people came, and the band was great! Everyone seemed to have a great time and I got a lot of smiles and thanks from everyone.  It truly is wonderful to hear from so many people that they enjoy coming and being a part of it.  We certainly enjoy Having you all.  The only sad part of it is that it marks the end of the season; with just one more weekend before we shut down the water I think we can call this the end.  It truly is amazing how fast time goes, but we just need to start planning for next year and looking forward to the good times to come.  Now, on to the pictures! Lyndi was looking forward to the band playing for a long time before hand, so when they started to set up she was eager to help out.  I think the best quote of the night was about when this picture was taken. She said “ok guys, lets rock out!” Don carving up one of the (3) 30 pound turkeys.  Him and I are starting to get decent at doing this!   Dinner is served!


Lyndi finally getting her dance on!

Thanks to all that made it out, we had a great time as always. Also a big thanks to Pete and the band, we love having you guys in to perform. Always a great show!