The 2013 Season has begun!

With Winter in the rear-view mirror and Summer in our sights we are getting a lot of things going.  We are in full Spring cleanup mode now, blowing leaves, painting the bathrooms, and trying to get things looking great.IMG_20130430_194547_487

The river is full of ducks, geese, blue heron and birds, as well as quite a few fish jumping.  We were able to get the dock in and ready for fishing!  It is a wonderful place to spend some time, and it’s very easy to see lots of wildlife in a short amount of time.



The season hasn’t been without a few hiccups though. The Dump truck did give a little trouble, but we have an excellent mechanic on hand and she was able to get it back up and running in no time flat!



We are really looking forward to a great Summer and hope to see everyone soon!


One thought on “The 2013 Season has begun!

  1. About time the Old Man (Wonter) leaves for a while,LOL! I vividly know of what you speak with the trucks (was a long hauler from right after ETS’ing the ARMY in late ’94 through ’12-08,with a couple years of concrete/seeder/dump local gigs in the mix),LOL,thank God for good mechanics 😀

    Have a great weekend,my friend,get out and ride with the kids if you can 🙂

    The DC

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