Spaghetti Supper 2013

Another Spaghetti Supper has come and gone, and it was yet another fantastic time!  I cooked the sauce all day on Saturday, we set up the  Rec-Hall, and I dropped the first 5 lbs of pasta in at 5:45.  969345_10201708852868664_237267444_n

People lined up fast, with the band getting served first so they could be ready to play after supper.  We seemed to have a lot of compliments on a good meal, which was great to hear.IMG_20130727_180908_389

Band members grabbing the first servings.



We served up desert and the band started to play. Lots of dancing and cheering told us people were really having a great time in the Rec-Hall.




946638_10201708817107770_751022801_nWe had a great time serving up spaghetti, and it was quite rewarding to see everyone having such a good time.  The Rec-Hall is really just a building; the people and events that happen inside are what make it a great place to be and hang out.  See you at the Turkey Dinner Gathering on October 5th, with another round of fun with Double Play supplying the music! Thanks!



4th of July, 2013

We had wonderful weather for our 4th of July weekend, and made good use of it.  We rented a bouncy house for the kids on Saturday morning and had it set up until about 8:30 that night.  In all that time there was hardly a minute it wasn’t being jumped in.IMG_20130706_104600_658 The kids spent all day going from the bouncy house to the pool and back, it was great to see the place so active and everyone enjoying the sun!


Later in the day we had a cookout for the kids and families. We had a box of hot dogs and a 2 packages of 1/3 lb burgers, chips, and a bunch of watermelon. All that remained in the end was 3 hot dogs, so I guess everyone was hungry. IMG_20130706_123029_589Later in the evening we had a potluck supper.  We had a pretty good turnout and some really good food. Joyce brought her now-famous Taco Pie. It has become a bit of a fan favorite in these parts!  All the food was delicious, and I doubt anyone went home hungry. We were even able to convince the kids to stop jumping and swimming long enough to eat a bit!

IMG_20130706_181405_041The hardest part of the day was shutting down the bouncy house so we could have a campfire for S’mores and the sparkler party.  While the kids were not a fan at first, the idea of S’mores and sparklers seemed to soften the blow a bit.  They all seemed to have a great time and really enjoyed the sparklers.

IMG_20130706_212729_668Lyndi was exhausted at the end of the day, as I am sure all the kids were, but she had a blast.  We all really had a great time and were really pleased with how the day went. The weather worked with us for the first time in weeks, and it couldn’t have been better.  We are already planning the same for next year. Hopefully the weather cooperates as well as it did this year, and everything goes as smooth.  Thanks to all that helped make some great memories, and we hope to see you all next year!IMG_20130706_210623_333