Spaghetti Supper 2013

Another Spaghetti Supper has come and gone, and it was yet another fantastic time!  I cooked the sauce all day on Saturday, we set up the  Rec-Hall, and I dropped the first 5 lbs of pasta in at 5:45.  969345_10201708852868664_237267444_n

People lined up fast, with the band getting served first so they could be ready to play after supper.  We seemed to have a lot of compliments on a good meal, which was great to hear.IMG_20130727_180908_389

Band members grabbing the first servings.



We served up desert and the band started to play. Lots of dancing and cheering told us people were really having a great time in the Rec-Hall.




946638_10201708817107770_751022801_nWe had a great time serving up spaghetti, and it was quite rewarding to see everyone having such a good time.  The Rec-Hall is really just a building; the people and events that happen inside are what make it a great place to be and hang out.  See you at the Turkey Dinner Gathering on October 5th, with another round of fun with Double Play supplying the music! Thanks!



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