Merrymeeting River has been owned and operated by the White family since 1979. I am Eric, the third generation to live and work here. I grew up here in Alton, right in the park itself. I spent my childhood here- and now my daughter is doing the same.                          We love this place!

A biking/hiking trail in Bear Brook State Park

We strive to provide a place where people live and vacation that allows them to enjoy all that the Lakes Region, (and New Hampshire in general), has to offer.


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  1. eric we came up here in eighty seven, the girls were two we liked it so much we moved up here for good in ninety eight. this was the best thing we could of done. this place is home. its amazing how things turn out we watched you grow up you watched our girls grow up and now we get to watch your kids grow up and you get to watch my grandchild grow up.

  2. Hi, everyone can not wait for Camp to open looking forward to spending time in our place in front of a fire with family and freinds

  3. Hi, Eric – Thank you for joining my blog… but the one you’ve found was actually a ‘test’ I never really used after establishing. Instead, I’m using http://lakesregionofnewhampshire.blogspot.com … it’s a blog based on the success of our book “The Lakes Region of New Hampshire: Four Seasons, Countless Memories.”… BTW, your background story about your family, etc., is very interesting to me. As a longtime journalist (w/ the Citizen, Sunday Citizen and Daily Sun) is quite intriguing to me – and one I’d never heard before. Maybe you can contact me – I’d love to talk to you about maybe doing a story about your unique family situation. … Sincerely, Ray Carbone

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