Earliest ‘ice out’ declared on Lake Winnipesaukee – Boston.com

Earliest ‘ice out’ declared on Lake Winnipesaukee – Boston.com.

It has been very warm and quite Spring like up here lately, and this just proves it!  We had a few days where the temp actually got up near June and July temperatures!

Although the highs were record-breaking, it is still March and they have dropped down to a lot more seasonal level.  We are getting some on and off showers today, and it is about 41° so far.  The rest of the week looks about the same, but the warm weather sure gave us a large head start on the mud and we are getting very close to opening the roads.  We just want to be certain they are good and firm before we open them as the propane and other large service vehicles are going to be driving on them very soon after we do.  I will let you know as soon as they are open.  We are really looking forward to a great summer and can’t wait to see everyone again!


Fun Facts 3/15, Water Temp and Height

Waking up to 30° should be normal for mid-March.  This year though, it feels a bit chilly.  Not to worry, we are forecast for mid 60’s on Sunday!

The river still seems pretty low, but the lake level is pretty high.  It was reported today to be 10.2″ above normal and 39°.  The Ice in the bay has really receded quite a bit in the last day or so, and I think it might be to the bandstand before long.

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The last hurrah of Winter?

The feeling outside this morning is one of Winter.  I awoke to 10° outside and a great blue sky.  With the snow still on the ground it really is a pretty sight to behold. Although it sure feels like winter today, it will be very short lived. The forecast is for 50° tomorrow, and it will not be below freezing (even at night) until overnight on Friday.  With that many days in a row above freezing, we should be in for some serious melting.  I expect the roads to turn muddy fast, and will remain closed for a while yet. I also expect the bay to really open up, and it will certainly be looking a lot different than it does today.

I am still very excited about the changing season, even though this Winter wasn’t all that much different than some of our Fall and Spring weather we sometimes get.  As a matter of fact, I remember plowing 18″ just before Halloween this past Fall!  I know Lyndi had a lot of fun with the recent snow, but she is already asking to go on a bike ride.  I guess that snow had better hurry up and melt!