A Little History and What the Park Means For Me

Over the years I have had people ask me about how long we have been here, how it all started, etc.  I thought it might be interesting, so here goes (to the best of my knowledge and ability!) The park wasn’t started by my family, but we came to it in 1979. At that time it was Uncle Jim (my grandmother’s brother) that had the original interest. He was looking for an investment as he was already involved with Lily Pond Mobile Homes, a business that sold homes over in the Laconia area.  He was looking for someone to manage it and thought of my parents.  They had been living with my grandmother at the time. My grandfather had passed away young and they moved in to try to help her with everything.  They were interested in the opportunity, but refused to come over here unless my grandmother could be included.  As you all may know, the three of them have been here ever since.  My parents and grandmother decided to buy out Jim and the other partners, and eventually my parents bought out my grandmother as well, although she did stay here and help out. For my entire childhood I knew my parents to be hardworking.  My father worked at the gas company during the day for the first few years, and around the park at night and on the weekends. Although we didn’t have the usual family vacations that my friends had, I still felt very lucky. I had a large group of friends during the summer months and we spent long hours at the pool, playing down at the river, or playing in the woods.  While I hated to say goodbye at the end of the summer, I then got to have all my friends from school over to play in the huge snow piles that dad used to make with the old tractor ( I called it “pop pop, bang bang” when I was little.)  It was like I was living at summer camp half the year and had the coolest back yard the rest of the year. When I was a little older, about to go to high school, I started working around the park during the summer months. I helped with the pool, the bathrooms, cleaning up the rec-hall.  As time went on I slowly was able to see a different side of things.  I was able to see the park from the perspective of growing up here and working here, and even now living here.

Korin and I both went to college nearby, myself at McIntosh and her at UNH.  She transferred there her sophomore year and we lived together in an apartment in Lee.  We both worked at a dog kennel in Durham. During that time I was able to get a bit of an outside perspective. I had also worked for my father in law doing construction, and in Wolfeboro landscaping before deciding to go to college.

I have lived here my entire life, literally from birth until now, and have even had one of my children born here in the park. I feel as though I have more ties to this place than anyone else here, and it means a lot to me.  It has history for me and my family. It has given my family the opportunity to have a place to live, grow up, and be a part of something together.  I work here alongside both my parents, especially my father, nearly every day.  I am able to see the kids during the day, sometimes for lunch, and sometimes just for a visit while we are out working. I feel we have something great here, and I look forward to one day working alongside Korin, Jonah and Lyndi just as I do now with my parents.  My family has been involved here for quite a while, and we hope to be here a long while more!


Turkey Dinner 2012

We had yet another great time hosting the Turkey Dinner this past weekend.  The food was good, the people came, and the band was great! Everyone seemed to have a great time and I got a lot of smiles and thanks from everyone.  It truly is wonderful to hear from so many people that they enjoy coming and being a part of it.  We certainly enjoy Having you all.  The only sad part of it is that it marks the end of the season; with just one more weekend before we shut down the water I think we can call this the end.  It truly is amazing how fast time goes, but we just need to start planning for next year and looking forward to the good times to come.  Now, on to the pictures! Lyndi was looking forward to the band playing for a long time before hand, so when they started to set up she was eager to help out.  I think the best quote of the night was about when this picture was taken. She said “ok guys, lets rock out!” Don carving up one of the (3) 30 pound turkeys.  Him and I are starting to get decent at doing this!   Dinner is served!


Lyndi finally getting her dance on!

Thanks to all that made it out, we had a great time as always. Also a big thanks to Pete and the band, we love having you guys in to perform. Always a great show!

Warm Days, Cool Nights

The leaves are just starting to turn on the trees, and the weather is starting to hint even more so of the changing season.  We are looking toward a week of mostly 70° and low 80° days and cooler nights with temps in the 40’s and 50’s.

A forecast like this only proves the old joke that you know you are in NH when you need to use the heat and the a/c in the same day!  Personally, I love this time of year and am looking forward to the slightly cooler weather. I just wish it lasted a little longer than it does.

The lake is still decently warm, with the last report saying it was 73°, although I am sure it will be dropping with those cool nights.  So what is everyone looking forward to this Fall?